Desktop Punches

  • DTP 340 M

Heavy Duty Desktop Electric Punching Machine

High performance punching system for punching paper with operating width of up to 34 cm (13,5"). Simple operation thanks to foot pedal and vertical paper feed.

Very versatile with interchangeable tools.

Optimum paper format adjustment, all punching tools are delivered with punching pins which can be deselected.

MBS (Modual Binding System) , modular expandable binding system for Renz Ring Wire® wire comb, plastic comb and coil binding. All MBS modules can be attached to the DTP 340 M for a high-performance, compact binding system or can be used on their own as a binding machine.

  • DTP 340 A

Semi automatic desk top punching machine with automatic ejection into a paper tray


The semi automatic system developed by Renz, creates an entirely new class of machines. It is the first punching system to feature ease of operation, high output speeds, and flexibility at an economical price.

An EXAMPLE of how you can save time and money:

Punching books in format A4, 60 sheets of 80g/m² (20#bond), you can produce

 - traditional punching: approximately 70 to 100 books/h**

- with DTP 340 A in semi-automatic mode approximately 300 to 350 books/h**

 ** depending on the operator

Please click here for dies for the above machines

  • ECL 360

Electric closing machine for wire comb bindings

Approx. 400 closings/hour are possible (depending on product, book thickness, format and operator) with or without calendar hangers. Calendar hangers have to be added manually before closing. Foot switch operation leaves both hands free for binding. For all binding elements up to 38 mm = 1 1/2" (independent from the pitch).

A safety circuit prevents finger injuries and guarantees optimum protection whilst working. Robust metal construction for use in book binderies, copy shops, in-house printers, etc. Quick and easy wire size adjustment diameters in just a few seconds.

In combination with the WP 30, the ECL 360 becomes a powerful binding system.

  • WP 300

Automatic dispenser for wire comb binding elements on RENZ WIRE PACK®

With electric display for quick automatic set up of different WIRE PACK® sizes by entering the corresponding number.

By pressing the foot pedal, a RENZ RING WIRE® comb binding element is removed an dispensed automatically from the WIRE PACK®.

The pre-punched paper is loaded onto the dispensed Ring Wire element.

The loaded book is then manually lifted off and bound in a ECL 360/500/700 with the press of one foot pedal. WP 300 compliments the ECL 360 and sets up the most automated bench top binding system.

  • WBS 360

Manual closing machine for wire comb binding

For closing of RENZ RING WIRE® wire comb elements from ø 3/16" - 1 1/2" (5,5 - 38 mm), independent of pitch, working width 360 mm.

Connected to the desk top punch DTP 340 M, the WBS module becomes a powerful and space-saving punching and binding system.